Exchange broker services, export of textile products, yarn, severe fabrics, cotton fiber
100090, Tashkent, A. Kakhkhor Ave. St. 9th house 1, BC City Line

About the company

The broker company LLC CAPITAL BROKTEX GROUP accredited at "the Uzbek Republican Commodity and Raw Exchange", (BQ No. 715) invites to a cooperation of all interested legal entities and business owners in purchase of the highly liquid, high-quality, certified goods, raw materials and materials, such as:

  • Fuel and lubricants (diesel fuel, gasoline, oven fuel, kerosene technical, auto-oils, technical oils, industrial oils etc.)
  • Construction materials (cement, lime, plaster, slate, brick, crushed stone, sand, asbestos-cement pipes, polyethylene pipes, glass sheet, timber, bitumen construction, bituminous and polymeric mastics, roofing materials (roofing material, изол, фольгоизолитд.), metal rolling (an armature, a channel, a circle, a square, the square, steel goryacheotsinkovanny, profiles steel zinced, a professional flooring galvanized, a steel wire etc.)
  • Mineral fertilizers (carbamide, ammophos, phosphourea, ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sulfourea, супрефос, superphosphate etc.)
  • Products of oil and gas and chemical plants (sulfur, polyethylene of different types, the liquefied gas, soda the calcinated, caustic soda, acid acetic, etc.)
  • Products of JSC Uzbekugol (coal, kaolin secondary etc.)
  • Products of JSC Uzpakhtasanoat (cotton fiber of 1-2 grades 4,5 types class "URTA" and "Lint" etc.)
  • TNP (cottonseed oil, wheat flour, laundry soap, salt food, economic candles etc.)

And also, to suppliers of goods and services of the new markets interested in development and respectively sales increase, with pleasure we will represent your interests on JSC UZRTSB, we will help with registration, provision of information on new requests according to the list delivered goods/services, we will assist in sale of your goods / services on portals.

We offer customers of goods and services competent and timely execution of requests, in case of need, we will help to formulate correctly the name of your order, technical characteristics and other parameters.

Postal address: 100090, Yakkasaraysky district of A. Kakhkhor Ave. St. of the 9th 1 Business center "City Line" No. 304
Account No.: No. 2020 8000 4004 8312 2001
The serving bank: AIKB "Ipakyuli" Yakkasaraysky branch.
Bank code: 01028
TIN: 303 398 064
RCEB: 71150

Bodies +998901676869

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For all again addressed to our company the service in complex free primary consultation is rendered.

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100090, Tashkent, A. Kakhkhor Ave. St. 9th house 1, BC City Line
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