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The exchange biddings on UZRTSB

We render services in maintenance of the turnkey exchange biddings!

They function on the basis of ESBT - the electronic system of the exchange biddings.

The goods with uniform standard properties interchanged by the same goods of other producer or other batch are systematically put up for sale.

On UZRTSB it is possible to distinguish from the main benefits of stock exchange trading:

  • possibility of use of services of a highly skilled sales personnel;
  • possibility of the choice of intermediaries - brokers;
  • increase in trade volume without growth of own costs for these purposes;
  • receipt of guarantees of execution of transactions;
  • possibility of fee on implementation of trading activities through broker office in the amount of a certain percent from their amount;
  • speed of making of trading activities;
  • equality of all bidders irrespective of the size of the entities, their industry and departmental accessory, a territorial arrangement;
  • high level of liquidity in the market;
  • low operating expenses in case of transactions;
  • the high level of the competition at the biddings allowing to create optimal market prices through participation in them of a large number of potential buyers / sellers.

The right of participation in the exchange biddings is granted to members of the exchange - to the persons which received in accordance with the established procedure the broker place at the exchange.

On the exchange platform only the exchange goods are put up for sale. The goods which on the qualities, structure have uniform standard properties belong to the concept "exchange goods", in the main and determining parameters we interchange the same goods of other producer or other batch and shall be put systematically up for sale.

The exchange biddings on UZRTSB take place daily, from 9:30 till 17:00 the Tashkent time, except Saturday and Sunday. For the purpose of creating favorable conditions for domestic and foreign participants of foreign economic activity, since March 4, 2005 on UZRTSB the currency trading floor on which it is possible to purchase any amount of the highly liquid products exposed on the exchange biddings for hard currency functions.

Our company has all necessary permissions and licenses for rendering services for UZRTSB in maintenance of the exchange biddings!

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100090, Tashkent, A. Kakhkhor Ave. St. 9th house 1, BC City Line
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