Exchange broker services, export of textile products, yarn, severe fabrics, cotton fiber
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The exhibition and fair biddings on UZRTSB

Our company renders services in maintenance of the exhibition and fair biddings.

At the exhibition and fair biddings all types of goods allowed to civil circulation irrespective of their quality characteristics and quantitative parameters, including the goods having especially individual properties and also not systematically or seldom putting up for sale are implemented.

The biddings are performed on the Internet in real time, calculations for the biddings are also made online.

System benefits:

  • Saving of time — the simple procedure of registration in trade system.
  • Round-the-clock access to the biddings.
  • Economy of means — additional resources for advertizing aren't required.
  • Minimum number of intermediaries.
Free consultation

For all again addressed to our company the service in complex free primary consultation is rendered.

Free consultation
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100090, Tashkent, A. Kakhkhor Ave. St. 9th house 1, BC City Line
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